House rules

General rental conditions

You will be able to enjoy your stay and all the amenities available for it (List on the web)

The payment can be made through the link that we send, by bank transfer or credit card. Paying a deposit of 50% at the time of booking and the rest at the customer's choice up to 24 hours before arrival at the property.

At your arrival a person in charge of the delivery of keys and reception will attend you. The rental of the rural lodging implies its daily maintenance during your stay, there is no room service as in hotels. In case of any malfunction of appliances, heating, accident, etc. for which you need assistance, the person in charge of the weekend will attend you on your telephone number, provided upon your arrival, and will provide you with the necessary help. For requests out of the ordinary in terms of household goods, please consult us.


The gîte is cleaned before the arrival of each client. Upon departure, the client is obliged to leave the gîte in a reasonable condition, with all garbage disposed of properly. Otherwise, a cleaning supplement will be charged. For stays longer than 7 days, bed linen will be changed weekly. Rules of use and stay at Alborada Riad:

Rules of stay:
1- The payment of the reservation entails the commitment on the part of Alborada Riad casa rural of the confirmation and assurance of the reserved period.
2- It is forbidden the access by the guests to facilities outside the accommodation, except with the authorization of the owner and always accompanied by the owner or by an operator of the villa.
3- No more people may stay in the house than those previously agreed upon, including children.
4- The rules of operation of the villa may regulate the possibility of admitting guests into the establishment and the terms and conditions of the same, so in any case should ask the owner. The contravention of this provision may result in the early termination of the stay.
5- The occupants are responsible for the occupied accommodation and its contents, as well as for the custody of their personal belongings and belongings. They will be directly and exclusively responsible for any breakage that may occur in it, and the tenant will be solely responsible for all repair costs caused by the same if it exceeds the amount agreed with the deposit.
6- Pets are not allowed. Neither in the interior of the houses nor in the plot of the villa.
7- Guests will leave the house in the same state as they found it at the entrance.
8- It is not allowed to change the location of the existing furniture except with the express permission of the owner
9.- Pets are not allowed.
10- It is not allowed to use bed linen or bath linen for purposes other than those strictly established for its use (not to be used for: cleaning of any kind, for example makeup, lipstick, shoe cream, etc.).
11- It is forbidden to transport or use objects and liquids that present a fire hazard.
12- The electrical and heating installation must not be touched to change or adapt it without authorization from the management.
13- It is forbidden to use electric heaters or any other heating device, except those offered in the lodging.
14- In case of fire, leave your room immediately and go to the exit (fire extinguishers are available).
15- You can make use of the fireplace in the living room of the Nazarí palace house, but under no circumstances use it for cooking, grilling, etc... for which there is a barbecue and the kitchen as it is equipped.
16- Any damage that could suffer any of the guests during the stay in this rural complex will not be in any case the responsibility of Alborada Riad.
17- Once the stay is over, the owner or an operator in the presence of our guests, will check the house to verify that the house and all the decorative items or equipment are in perfect condition and nothing is missing. The breakage or loss of anything will be deducted from the deposit.
18-The owners of the cottage are not responsible for the behavior and / or actions of the tenants.
19- It is expected of the clients a total respect for the facilities of the rural house, as well as towards its owners, collaborating personnel and in general towards the whole environment, both cultural and natural.
20- The house has an accumulator of hot sanitary water, that when making an excessive use will stop heating, until it is replaced again. We advise for your comfort, both for this and for the water pressure, not to shower all at the same time.
21- Smoking is not allowed in the rooms. In the common areas it is left to the choice of the group that inhabits it, although as long as the weather is favorable, it is appreciated to smoke outdoors or with the window open. In addition to throwing cigarette butts in the garden or in the field, much less inside the house. There are ashtrays for this and garbage cans where to throw them once they are well extinguished
22- Regarding the security of the houses and plots, the entrance door and windows should be well closed, especially when going out.
23- It is forbidden to leave garbage in the house, garden, plot or in the street next to the entrance door. Guests are obliged to dispose of their garbage bags in one of the garbage containers in the surrounding area.24- All consumables found in the kitchen and bathroom pantries may be used. They are usually food (tea, salt, oil) or non-perishable consumables left by previous guests. We advise to always check the expiration date and in case of consuming them always under the guest's responsibility
25- We ask for a responsible consumption of energy, our rate is flat, but we want to have less and less negative impact on nature

Cancellation Policy

The client chooses the cancellation insurance offered by the booking engine Amenitiz. (Link)
If the cancellation or change of dates of the reservation is made 30 or more days before the date of entry, we will proceed in all cases to refund 100% of the amount paid except bank charges (if any) associated with the management of the return of the reservation. with less than 30 days of cancellation 50% of the reservation will be refunded and with less than 15 days nothing will be refunded.
In the cases in which nothing or part of the amount of the reservation is returned, the reservation remains in deposit for one year and the client is offered the rental for a full year from the date for which the reservation was made, making use of the deposit already paid. If after one year, the client has not used the deposit, it will be definitively forfeited.

any suggestions on your part will be appreciated
The stay of the guests in Alborada Riad, entails the knowledge and acceptance of the rules of use and stay listed above.
in general, occupants are required to behave responsibly and use the facilities prudently. Failure to comply with any of the above rules will result in eviction from the house without the right to a refund of the value of the stay not enjoyed, as well as the loss of the security deposit